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Ninja Fight Clock

Ninja Fight Clock

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This is a digital and analog clock application to fight the oncoming ninjas.

When a ninja attacks, touch the bottom half of the screen. You can fight back with a shuriken or a sword.
You can choose the interval between attacks from 10, 15, 20, 30, and 60 minutes.
Since they appear at regular intervals, you may want to use them as an alarm when you feel sleepy, such as when you are studying.

Each ninja uses its own unique ninjutsu.
If your attack hits them several times, you can defeat them.
If you tap the scrolls that sometimes appear on the screen, you can use various ninjutsu to fight back.

The ninja will leave in one minute.
If you defeat them all before they are gone, you will get the scroll from the beginning in the next battle.

You can choose from 20 famous Japanese castles for the castle picture.
You can also turn off the ninja action and enjoy it as just a clock.

The time text and analog clock can be moved with your finger.
The picture and analog clock can be zoomed in and out with two fingers.

Touch the time text to switch to setting mode.
You can change the date and time to various formats by touching it in the setting mode.
You can also switch between 12-hour and 24-hour displays.

The screen can be rotated horizontally and vertically.
By pressing buttons such as "2X" and "3X," the font size can be adjusted in steps.

20 types of backgrounds can be selected.
Time signal tone can be selected from 78 different tones.


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