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Kariuchi is a board game similar to Sugoroku
that was played in many parts of Japan
during the Nara period (710-794).
It became very popular in the capital and other places,
but was lost for a long time in Japan.
In recent years, a researcher
at the Nara National Research Institute for Cultural Properties,
Nara Prefecture, has analyzed symbols on earthenware
and roof tiles excavated from Nara-period sites
around Japan and revived it as a modern game
based on a game still popular in Korea called "Yunnori".

// Rules of Kariuchi //

- Four "kari" (wooden sticks flattened on one side) are thrown alternately,
and the pieces are advanced according to the number that comes out.
The first person to get all four pieces to the finish line wins.

- Pieces start from the "exit" point and move counterclockwise.
They cannot go back.
The end of the game is reached when the pieces
pass through the same "exit" point
after circling around the outside.

- When you stop at one of the three branches above,
you can proceed to the center.
If you stop at the center, you can proceed either to the "exit" point
or to one of the two junctions below.

- The number of "kari" is the number that come up
when the flat side is up, and the number of "5" is the number
when the flat side is down in all four cases.

- When "4" or "5", the player can throw "kari" consecutively.

- When you stop at a point where your pieces are placed,
you can stack your pieces on top of each other.
You can move the stacked pieces together.
You can also move a part of pieces.

- When the opponent's piece stops on the point
in which it was placed, all of the opponent's pieces
placed on that point are returned to "Standby".
All of the opponent's pieces must start over one
at a time from the "exit" point.

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