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A wadokei is a mechanical clock made in Japan during the Edo period.

At that time, Japan used a unique time system called the "indefinite time method".
It is a method of dividing the day into day and night
and then dividing each into equal parts.

The common people of the Edo period began their day's activities
by listening to the "dawn six bells" about 30 minutes
before sunrise and ended their activities by listening
to the "dusk six bells" about 30 minutes after sunset.

Naturally, the time of sunrise and sunset varied with the seasons,
so the time of bell ringing and the length of the unit of time, ittoki,
between day and night also changed greatly.
But not only was this perfectly acceptable at the time,
it was also an eco-friendly way of living
that suited their body rhythms very well.

This app is a digital representation of this indefinite time method.

The hour bells can be switched not only to the sound of bells,
but also to drums, cannons, cuckoo, pillar clocks, etc.
The main display can be selected from zodiac signs, numerals, and emojis.

You can open the settings screen by tapping twice on the main display
or by tapping the settings icon. You can change the background color, font,
time methods, show/hide sub-clock, etc. here.

The sub-clock in the lower left corner of the screen can also display a modern clock.
You can switch the display between 24 hours, 12 hours, numerals,
and zodiac signs with each tap.

Please use this application and experience the rhythm of life in the Edo period.
Perhaps you will discover something good.

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