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Minimum Clock

Minimum Clock

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A simple, unpretentious digital clock.

The subdued design doesn't attract too much attention, perfect for study or work!

Simple, yet minimalist features are available.

- Touch the time display to go into setting mode.

- You can touch the date, day of the week, AM/PM, and second display to show and hide them.

- Touch the date/time display, day of the week, AM/PM, second display and turn it on and off.

- You can also switch between 12 hours and 24 hours.

- When the iPhone is placed horizontally, the size of the display
can be adjusted in three steps by pressing the "1X", "2X", and "3X" buttons.

- For iPad, press the "1X", "2X", "3X", and "4X" buttons to adjust the size in four steps.

- you can adjust the size of the clock in three different ways.

- You can change the date in various formats by touching it in normal mode.

- You can also rotate the screen horizontally and vertically.

- The background color can be selected from 10 colors.

- Optional time signal function.

- Tap the tone name display to select from 78 different tones.

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