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Minimum Calc

Minimum Calc

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This is a useful calculator application
with a variety of special functions such as history display,
save, swipe to clear, and switch between calculation modes.

There are 10 colors and 68 fonts to choose from.

It also supports split view and slide-over,
so it is recommended not only for iPhone users
but also for iPad users.

The basic specifications are as follows.

[ Calculation Function ]

- The number of decimal places is from 0 to 20
- Selectable rounding off, rounding up or down
- Changing thousands separator and decimal symbol
- Saving calculation history and reusing of history results
- Approximate value representation
- Ratio (%) calculation
- Deletion of character and block units.
- Switching between calculation modes

[ Appearance ]

- Selectable from 10 types of colors
- Selectable from 68 character fonts
- Change of various display options

[ Others ]

- iPad split view/slide-over support
- Dark mode support
- Haptic feedback ON / OFF
- Key sound ON / OFF

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