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“Madam, I'm Adam."
"Able was I ere I saw Elba."

A palindrome is a sentence that is the same
whether it is read from the front or the back.
Thinking up palindromes on your own
is a fun but quite difficult mental exercise.

With this application,
you will be able to efficiently experiment
with different types of palindromes.

If you find a palindrome you like,
save it as a favorite or share it
with your friends.

// Main functions //

- When a character is entered in
either the upper or lower frame,
it will appear in the opposite frame
in reverse order to create a palindrome.

- The contents of the upper and lower frames
can be swapped at the touch of a button,
and whether or not the last character
in the upper frame is repeated can be toggled.

- You can also copy palindromes
to the clipboard and save them
to your favorites.

- Saved palindromes are listed
and can be deleted, reordered, or recalled.

- You can also share your palindromes on Twitter.

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