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Haiku Note

Haiku Note

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“Haiku Note” allows you to easily
write down and save your haiku.

You can use five lists to save your haiku:
spring, summer, autumn, winter, and no season.

(How to use)

- If you put 1st, 2nd, and 3rd lines in the three frames
on the right side, the haiku will appear on the left side.

- The fourth frame is the author's name.
The pull-down button below it allows you
to change the color of the season.

- Haiku can be saved in a seasonal list.
In the seasonal list, you can delete, reorder,
and save the list. You can also swipe right on
an individual haiku to bring it back to the main screen.

- You can also browse your haiku.
You can switch between one-line and three-line display.

- You can tweet your haiku by clicking
the "Tweet" button. Hashtags can be changed
in the settings screen.

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