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20 Girls Clock

20 Girls Clock

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This app is a digital & analog clock app featuring 20 girls.

// how to operate //

- The clock text, analog clock, and girl images can be moved with your finger.
- You can also adjust the size of the letters by pressing buttons such as "1X" and "2X".
- The analog clock and the image of the girl can be enlarged or reduced with two fingers.
- You can switch between 12-hour and 24-hour displays.

// setting mode //

- Touching the clock character switches to the setting mode.
- In setting mode, the date can be changed to various formats by touching it.
- It can also sound a time signal at 0 minutes of every hour, and there are 78 different tones to choose from.

// Background //

- There are 30 backgrounds to choose from, and they can be set to change automatically every hour.
- You can also set the background to change correspondingly in the evening and at night.
- The background image is works by minchirie (https://min-chi.material.jp/).

// Miscellaneous //

- Rotation of the screen in portrait and landscape mode is supported.
- The girl's image changes between two different images every 10 minutes.

These are the main functions and operations of this app. We hope you enjoy it!


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