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Annual Memo

Annual Memo

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“Annual Memo" is an application that allows users
to easily create and manage memos by year.

The year to be displayed and filled in can be instantly
switched by turning the dial for the western calendar.

Dials for the Japanese calendar and the Chinese zodiac
can also be optionally displayed.

You can also display a year dial that increments
by 1 to use as a guide for age and elapsed years.

You can list all the notes you have entered for each year.
You can also copy them to the clipboard.

You can use it mainly for the following purposes.

- Year and age chart
- Assistance in creating resumes
- Recording of personal history
- Rough diary
- Future goal planning
- Reminder of anniversaries etc.

This application covers 200 years from 1930 A.D. to 2130 A.D.

Full-featured version is available with in-app purchase.
The following will be available.

- Color switching function (5 colors)
- Second year dial
- Memo switching function (A to E)

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